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Why More People Are Studying The Picqua Shawnee Tribe In the modern era, history is is undeniably important. The truth is that by studying the past, we can learn things about the future. As you are no doubt aware, though, there is an incredible amount of history to study. Considering there are hundreds of topics to cover, you may not know where you should start. If you find yourself in this situation, consider learning about the Picqua Shawnee Tribe. The government of Alabama recognizes the Shawnee as an official indigenous tribe. This tribe has been in the United States for hundreds of years. Initially, the Shawnee people lived near Indiana. The name Picqua comes from a legend about an evil spirit. The legend states that a man was brought back to life after his death. He then had a mission to lead a group of people to become more moral. This spirit was capable of materializing through the smoke that came from coals. The phrase Picqua can actually be translated to "from the ashes, a spirit." As the years went on, the Picqua Shawnee Tribe actually confronted many hardships. Several times, the tribe was forced to relocate. This first occurred in the seventeenth century. During these years, some of the Picqua people immigrated to Alabama. The Shawnee were then labeled as Creeks by local hunters and traders. It should be stated that the Shawnee did not return north after the war ended. Remember that if you care about history, it only makes sense to study the Picqua Shawnee Tribe. While there were several peaceful decades, conflict eventually returned to the tribe. This occurred about one hundred years ago. The French, English, and Americans all fought in the French and Indian War. To avoid the bloodshed, the Picqua Shawnee Tribe again had to immigrate. Unfortunately, the war was not the only threat that the tribe faced. There were hundreds of Shawnee who were affected by the initial smallpox epidemic. After Pontiac's rebellion, infected blankets were given to the Picqua Shawnee Tribe. There were some tribes that had already come into contact with this disease. The outbreak eventually affected the Chickasaw and Choctaw tribes. If you're someone who cares about American history, you owe it to yourself to read about the Picqua Shawnee Tribe. Some Shawnee people were moved to the Oklahoma territory once the war had ended. At the same time, though, some of the tribe was able to avoid relocation. In the modern era, this tribe is actually spread across several different areas. Some Shawnee people live in the midwest, but there are others that live in the south. If you care about American history, you should take the time to understand the Picqua Shawnee Tribe. Finding Similarities Between Resources and Life What Has Changed Recently With Resources?

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